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See what local blogs in Texas and Boston have to chat about with Kirsten Kirk

Canvas Rebel

"I spent so much of my life terrified that if I made a mistake or just couldn’t do something, I was letting down women or not being a feminist or relying too much on the patriarchal system that I so vocally and publicly condemn. I’ve been trying to unlearn that it is weak to ask for help since I was fourteen, and I think working with other musicians in an industry where collaboration is not only necessary for success but also mental health has really forced me to step out of my comfort zone and start asking for what I need."

Voyage Dallas

". . . I’ve already found it difficult at times to be taken seriously as an engineer, a self-managed artist, or just a non-male in the industry as a whole."

Section 36

"Kirsten Kirk is a fantastic singer whose single, "Texas", you really must hear. . ."

Shoutout DFW

"It’s honestly still weird to think of myself as or hear someone refer to me as an artist. I think in my head there was a certain level of success that I had to achieve before I was able to consider myself an artist. . . it’s taken a long time to remove the prerequisites of what makes me an artist from my head. . ."

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