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If you like Carrie Underwood, Olivia Rodrigo, Avril Lavigne, Elle King, or Alanis Morissette, Ki's music is for you! Kirsten (Ki) Kirk is a Texas born and raised, Boston based musician. With a pop, classical, and theatre background, they draw influence from across many genres to write and perform music that ranges from country rock to pop punk to the occasional r&b tune. Ki fuses hard-hitting grooves, powerhouse vocals, and point-driving lyrics with electrifying stage presence and chemistry with any audience to create an entertainment experience that will have you fired up no matter where you are (geographically or in life). In addition to writing their own music and running their own project, Kirsten sings lead vocals for Mentalgen (formerly Jack Monteleone band), an East Coast rock band managed by KI Talent Collective.

Currently a double major at Berklee College of Music studying Music Production & Audio Engineering and Music Business, Ki splits their time between school, both bands, engineering and producing her newest album, and running the management/booking agency KI Talent Collective. 

"Women and non-binary people do not take up enough space in this industry, so after hopefully touring in the future, I want to eventually start a record label with an adjoining studio. Like many young people, I hope my music and projects will be a part of changing the narrative that the music industry (both in headlines and behind the scenes) is a man’s world." - Ki, 2023

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